" Serving for the humanity, seeking for the society job opportunities and education"

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sohura Organizational Profile

1. Preamble

Somaliland Humanitarian Relief Association popularly known as SOHURA is non-governmental, non-political organization founded in June, 2003 by a group of educated youth with a diverse and rich academic backgrounds and work experience in organizational development, community development, education, environmental conservation, child protection, income generation and Human right advocacy.

SOHURA intends to contribute to the development activities and help Somaliland community to come up with initiatives in order to help themselves and have participation in the decisions affecting them. It has it’s headquarter in Borama but have branch offices in other Somaliland regions.
The primary objective of the organization is to help community to have an access to social services so as to alleviate poverty and improve the well being of the most marginalized segments of the society by the provision of trainings educating them marketable skills, promoting good governance, community health awareness and empowering women & youth through livelihood projects.
It is equally important to acknowledge that formation of SOHURA was mainly e in response to problems that existed in our community e.g extreme poverty, enviromental degradation, low level of literacy, high school dropout, limited awarnees on spread of HIV/AIDS,to mention but few. Aforementioned problems have necisitated the need for immediate action and intervention accordingly which led to existence of SOHURA as part of response mechanisms.
Currently, SOHURA is an active association in Somaliland and has implemented a number of projects including   education, health, environment protection, child protection, Human right advocacy and establishment of micro-enterprises for women and social rights empowerment.

2. Legal Status
Somaliland Humanitarian Relief Association is officially registered by Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and Office of Attorney General as Non-governmental, nonprofit making and non-political Organization eligible to operate in all regions of Somaliland.

3. Vision and Mission Statements

3.1 Vision
SOHURA’s Vision is to help women &youth finding economic opportunities, basic rights, quality health services and safe environment to contribute more stable and peaceful country.

3.2 Mission
SOHURA endeavors to promote education, economic situation, health, and participation of youth and women in decision making and community development sector through mass-media, capacity building programs through workshops, trainings and public campaign. The priority target are vulnerable and marginalized community members who are deprived of basic rights such as education, health services, Promotion and Establishment of Micro-enterprises and other humanitarian needs.

3.3   Objective
¾    Empowering communities through participatory planning, implementation, and management of the local development activities.
¾    To enhance community awareness on the impact of contemporary social problems including SBGV, HIV/AIDS, and Environmental Degradation.
¾    To advocate for the protection the human rights of vulnerable youth/adolescents and children in Somaliland.
¾    To advocate and maintain positive pressure to local education authorities to respect their promise in reaching of Education for All goals.
¾    Empowering the socially and economically marganilized groups of the community including women by providing loans and training to start income generation activities.

3.  Core Values
The following are core values WE believe in and demonstrate:
¾    Honest and integrity
¾    Transparency and accountability
¾    Professionalism
¾    Participatory decision making
¾    Partnership
¾    Networking & Sustainability
¾    Respect for people’s cultures, and values

4.  Management and Leadership
SOHURA has fully functional governing “Board of Director” of five 5 members (3 male and 2 female). The Board of director is the supreme authority of the organization. The BOD oversees the organizational management. They meet quarterly or annually and at same when the need arises.
Furthermore, BOD nominates or recruits the executive director to run the management of the organization. The organization has written constitution by the BOD and mutually approved by the General Assembly (GA) in 2003. In addition, the organization also has effective operational manual, which defines all policies & procedures and management functions of the organization. Board of Directors play a crucial in ensuring that these policies are followed strictly.  They have authority to take any disciplinary action and other necessary action(s) in case the policies are respected and followed accordingly. 

5. Capacity Statement

     5.1 SOHURA Staff
SOHURA employers are currently more than 20 including 3 interns. All of them are program and support staff. Technical capacity of our staff is satisfactory with majority of them have got first degree with great motivation that inspires them to work productively and efficiently all the time.  There is clear human resource policy for organization that fully functional.  The executive director is responsible for management of day to day activity management
    5.2 Fixed Asset
Sohura has well equipped office near Rays Hotel consisting of four office rooms and one conference hall.   The organization has all necessary office materials including desktop computer, laptop computer for program staff, scanner, printers, filing cabinet, office table and chairs, internet and telephone lines to mention but a few.  In addition, the organization has two vehicles including one land cruiser.
5.3 Financial Base
SOHURA manage grants ranking from 50, 000 to 100,000 USD annually.
6. Membership in Networks/Umbrellas 
SOHURA is a member in national, regional and international networks including the following:
¾    Somaliland National Youth Association (SONYO)
¾    Anti-FGM Network
¾    Awdal Child Protection Network
¾    SOVA Umbrella.
¾    DEGAAN network
¾    Member of Awdal Non-formal Education Network (ANFEN).
¾    Nonformula Education network (NOFEN)

7. Development Partners (Funding agencies)
SOHUR enjoyed the coursety of funding and support from International organizaiton, Awdal Dispora Community, Local Community, Government among others. More particularly, we acknowledge good partnership with the following:
¾    Save the children
¾    Oxform Novib
¾    Somali Protection foundation
¾    Ministery of Family affairs and social development  of  Somaliland
¾    Somaliand National AIDS Commission (SOLNAC)
¾    SONYO Umbrella.
¾    SAHAN Network.
¾    Borama Municipality
¾    wheel Chair mission international
¾    SCS (Save Community Service).
¾    U.S department of State  of Federal assistance
¾    UNDP